Tourist Port

Rosignano Solvay

Who lands to the tourist port Cala dei Medici has an opportunity horizon all to explore, is towards the sea is towards the inside. The Tyrrhenian High concentrates one exceptional wealth of natural resources and landscapes, rich history cities, culture, art and foods.
The port has 650 places boat (10% of which it reserves you to the transit), a shipyard, one yacht club, a great parking. Soon it will accommodate also a village for the business activities them.

Who disembarks to the tourist port Cala dei Medici adds just the dowel to a mosaic of boats, turns and languages, that they animate an alive and vital space during all the year.

A space coloured from the nature that will be valued from the great colourful background paintings chosen from the artist Tobias Rehberger in order to fuse the landscape with the work of the man.